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Othniellians faction for Sauriana logo

The Othniellians are the followers of mad paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh. Driven by a desire to not only attain prestige and profit from scores of unearthed fossils, but also to usurp the very foundations of nature itself, the Othniellians are aggressive, Darwinian cowboys of science who sacrifice their humanity for power.

Sauriana Othnielliosapien Tyrannus, Othniellians faction, FossilPunk Foundry

A combination of the mundane and the insane, Othniellian Agents tend  trend towards melee combat and high movement speeds, allowing them to grab theobjective quickly and mete out damage to anyone who gets too close. Powerhouse units such as the Othnielliosapien and Antediluvian are backed up by nimble, ranged Agents such as the Rockhound. 

In Sauriana, the Othniellians reign supreme in Duels, able to rush in quickly and deal hefty amounts of damage. Many of their Agents are “glass cannons” however, meaning they will succumb to concentrated firepower and pinning if you don’t use them wisely. Moreover, some Agents of this faction also excel in creating more Agents for your Band, transforming into more powerful forms, or influencing Agents with the Dinosaur Agent Type.